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Hair Transplant Process
Hair Transplant Process

Hair Transplant Process

- *Initial Consultation:* Causes of hair loss, the patient's health status, and expectations are assessed.
- *Planning:* The area for transplantation and hair density are determined.

*Hair Cutting:* Hair is trimmed to ensure the transplant area is clean and accessible.
*Anesthesia:* Local anesthesia is administered to numb the transplant area.

*FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method:* Hair follicles are individually harvested.
*FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Method:* A strip of scalp is removed and follicles are separated.

*Channel Opening (FUT/FUE):* Small incisions or holes are made in the transplant area.
*Follicle Placement (FUT/FUE):* Harvested hair follicles are placed into these incisions.
*Direct Implantation (DHI):* Each follicle is directly implanted into the scalp using the DHI pen.

*Immediately After:* The transplanted area is bandaged, and rest is recommended for the patient.
*First Few Days:* Mild swelling and discomfort may occur.

Post-Hair Transplant Care

*Rest:* Avoiding physical activity and keeping the head elevated is advised.

*Washing:* Gently washed with special shampoos.
*Swelling and Pain Management:* Managed with medications and cold compresses.

*Follicle Shedding:* Shock loss is normal and leads to the growth of new hair.
*Sun Protection:* Protecting the transplant area from the sun is important.

*Hair Care Products:* Use products suitable for your hair type.
*Healthy Lifestyle:* Regular nutrition and avoiding stress are vital for hair health.

*Doctor Visits:* Regular check-ups and follow-ups are recommended.

This information provides a general overview of the hair transplant process. However, each patient may have unique situations and needs, so guidance from a health professional is crucial at every step.

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