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Hair Transplant

What is hair transplantation?

The people with hair loss seek help from hair transplant treatment. It emerges as a natural solution for problems, such as hair loss and baldness. You may benefit from this treatment method when the hair follicle is not active and it is worn. In this method, hair follicles are transferred to the follicle areas with microsurgical methods.

In this treatment, your healthy hair is transferred to the follicle area. Hair transplant treatment is planned in a completely personalized manner for you. The hair follicles that are resistant to hair loss are collected from the posterior neck. They are slowly and effectively transferred to thinned areas. The aim is to have hair appear natural. This treatment is a minor surgery and it should be performed by a physician, who is specialized in this field. In this method, your hair is restored, as if they had never shed.

If you are also searching the most accurate information about this treatment method, you may schedule an appointment from our specialist doctor whenever you want and start your treatment.

Who are candidates of Hair Transplantation?

This treatment cannot be performed in children and the elderly. Otherwise, hair transplantation is safely performed for everybody with hair loss. This procedure can be performed in children, who are older than a certain age, only after necessary tests are performed.

The people should meet certain criteria for this surgery in order to have this treatment. One of the most important criteria is the acceptable quality of hair follicles.

The people, who do not meet necessary criteria, should use hair strengthening techniques at the first stage. You may contact us, if you want to be informed about most accurate care techniques and to plan the treatment.

Team Members

Our hair transplant team

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